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Photo of a house by Raw Tape Real Estate Photography and Measuring.

RAWTape Business Coaching & Training

If you are looking for a change or something additional to do in the real estate field, you should consider adding home measuring and photography to your knowledge as a Realtor.  You will have an advantage over other people doing this business..... You are a Realtor and you know what Realtors need to market their new listings.

If you have a realtor team and would like to have your own "in-house" measurement and media specialist, my coaching program is the perfect way to add a valuable member to your team.

If you are a photography professional or a measuring company looking to add additional services to your company, this a great opportunity to add value and more customers to your existing company.

Whether you are starting from the beginning to start your own business or just wanting to learn how to add an additional service to your existing business, give me a call and let's discuss developing a personal business plan for you.


What You'll Learn


Infrastructure Setup

Learn how to set up your own home measuring and photography business and infrastructure.


Detailed Floor Plans

Learn how to create measurement diagrams, 2D Floor Plans showing walls and full details of the home layout.


3D Tours

Learn how to create 360 virtual and Matterport 3D Tours.


Professional Measuring

Learn how to measure homes with a combination of online courses and  learning "hands-on" measuring practice with an experienced and certified Home Measuring Specialist (HMS) and Realtor.


Professional Photography

Learn how to photograph homes with ease by attending in-class photography classes and hands-on field training.


Aerial Photography

Coming soon: Learn how to pilot aerial drones and capture stunning aerial photography.

Get Started on Your New Business NOW.

Access one-one-one coaching now and start creating your footprint in this growing industry. Whether you're new to the world of real estate or seasoned, this course is aimed at adding practical value to your business.

Image by Bernard Hermant

Watch Coaching Videos

Measuring Examples

Learn different types of measurements that I offer and what to look out for when using camera only measurements.

RAWtape Home Measuring and Media Business Coaching

If you are interested in starting a business in home measuring and media services to real estate agents, I provide one-on-one coaching and training.

Measuring Garage Storage Spaces

Learn how to measure garage spaces and extra spaces in the garage that may count towards or against your heated living area.

RAWTape Wrap Up

Wrap up of measurings done in latest session.

Measuring Decks

When others don't measure decks, I do. Decks, porches and garages are included in the Total Measured Amount for pricing.

Measuring Sheds

I don't charge for measuring sheds and out buildings.

Full Measure: Garage, FROG, Deck, & Outdoor Building

Watch as RawTape measures a garage space, FROG, deck, and outdoor building. There are tricky things in measuring that you must be aware of to have accurate assessments and results.

RawTape Coaching
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